Petition to support the Scarborough Subway

Dear Neighbour:

I need your help.

Way back in May 2013, I moved a motion at City Council to replace our aging Rapid Transit (RT) line with an extension of the Bloor-Danforth subway line into the heart of Scarborough, a move that would bring a desperately needed transit improvement to neglected residents in the east end of our city. After much hard work and heated debate, our subway proposal is fully approved, fully funded and—unfortunately—under attack!

It pains me to say that, despite our hard-won victory for Scarborough, having the strong support of Mayor John Tory, and having the subway approved eight different times at Toronto Council, a good number of my colleagues are still working to cancel our new subway.

Transit in Scarborough is woefully inadequate, but we’re still being called “selfish” and “greedy” for wanting our fair share of the transit pie. Meanwhile, North York (a borough of similar size and population to that of Scarborough) now enjoys not one, but several subway lines that crisscross its length. It’s a network of underground rail that you and I have helped to pay for—and will continue to pay for as new subway stations are being built there to this day.

If Metro Toronto had extended the Bloor line to the centre of Scarborough in the 1980s, we wouldn’t be in this debate today. A big mistake was made back then: we can’t afford to make another one now. We need to build the Scarborough subway now—and I hope you’ll join the fight!

Please fill in the ePetition below and have your say; and please ask your family and friends to also fill in the ePetition.

Thank you,


Top 10 reasons to support our Scarborough subway:

4. Our subway will bring Scarborough residents a level of service already enjoyed by North York residents.

The Future Looks Bright for North York Riders!

Most similar to Scarborough in terms of size and population, North York has:

  • 15 existing subway stations
  • Four more under construction (Spadina extension up to Vaughan)
  • Two more approved (Yonge extension up to Richmond Hill)
  • Eight underground LRT stations under construction (on Eglinton)

If the approved Yonge line extension to Richmond Hill goes ahead and Scarborough’s subway extension is cancelled, North York will have a grand total of 29 underground stations to Scarborough’s three!