Get a free smart thermostat and save on your energy costs

Do you want to save hundreds of dollars on your energy costs and reduce greenhouse gases that harm our environment?

If so, Glenn wants you to know about a new provincial program that is distributing free “smart” thermostats, installing them for freeand providing free in-home energy reviews to the first 100,000 families who sign up! Announced on August 30 by the Government of Ontario, the new program is called GreenON.

The thermostat—worth at least $200 alone—could help you save a bundle in the years to come by cutting your heating and air-conditioning bills. This free service is available to only 100,000 Ontario families on a first-come, first-served basis. So, Glenn urges you to apply now, while there might still be free spaces available!

To qualify, you must sign up using the program’s online form. A GreenON installations representative will then contact you to set up an appointment and let you know when they will be in your area. Rest assured that no representative will show up at your house without a scheduled appointment.

Who may participate?
If you are a homeowner or renter living in detached, semi-detached, townhouse or row home, you are eligible to take part in the program. If you rent, you will be contacted about submitting a landlord consent form. Likewise, if you are an owner or manager of a rental property, you will need your tenant’s permission to participate.

Unfortunately, residents living in multi-residential buildings are not eligible to take part in the GreenON program. In addition, your home should have a furnace and/or an air conditioner to qualify for this energy-saving program.

What the program provides
If you sign up and qualify for the free GreenON installations program, a program representative will come to your home, install a smart thermostat, and show you how to use it. The representative will also provide you with customized energy-saving tips for your home.

Visit for details and to sign up.

“I hope that you will be one of the lucky participants in this program,” says Glenn. Participation in the program is being rolled out across the province starting this fall, but due to the high number of requests, most free installations will now be in 2018.