New Winter Respite Centre offers shelter from the storm

“We’ve all felt the effects of the frigid weather of recent days, but sub-zero temperatures are particularly dangerous for our fellow citizens who are currently homeless,” says Glenn. To protect the vulnerable, the City operates Winter Respite Centres from mid-November to mid-April, and it’s increasing the number of sites that provide 24-hour shelter.

The City recently opened Scarborough’s first 24-hour Winter Respite Centre, at 705 Progress Ave., to provide urgent shelter for people living in our part of the City.

“About a year ago, I was informed by City staff that they were looking for new locations to open shelters outside of the downtown core, and I immediately suggested this location, which is in an old industrial area east of McCowan Road,” says Glenn. The centre opened in November 2017, in time for the recent cold snap.

It’s a place where people can go to escape the deadly cold. At the centre, caring staff also provide their clients with hot meals, a warm shower, and a mat to sleep on. In addition, a supply of donated clothing gives clients a clean change of clothing while their clothes are being washed.

This centre is one of several City-run facilities that provide some much-needed help during this frigid winter. (Others are on Park Road, near Bloor and Yonge; 323 Dundas St. East; and 25 Augusta Ave. A Parkdale site is being planned, too.) For more information about city-wide help for the homeless, visit this City web page.

If you know someone who needs to use the local centre, please contact the Warden Woods Community Centre, whose staff are operating the Progress Avenue site. Call 416-639-6766.

“Everyone needs, and deserves, a warm roof over their head, so affordable housing is also crucial for our community,” says Glenn. “I am supporting the creation of several affordable housing projects and seniors’ housing projects in Scarborough—including those built by Options for Homes—to provide more people with moderately priced housing options.”